I'VE heard this saying but never thought it would become the family THEME...... The "PLAY" part definitely takes precedence. We love ALLEN!!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finally had the energy to finish the babies room!!

......Before painting, everything was white and blah!!!  Now we have something going.  I'm so excited to put in the carpet and get set up!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kind of a Difference??

Straight or Curly????

Allen says he likes my curly hair, and whenever I straighten it...he wonders when is it going to get back to normal.  No, he likes it straight, but says it's not me.  I guess he's right since I hardly ever do it.  (it's to much work)

Puppy Door!!!!

Yet Another Project....

A few weeks ago, Allen and I decided to put in a puppy door so I wouldn't have to let Maggie in and out 20 times a day and if we went somewhere for the night, she could stay home!!!!
Allen cut the holes, put in the doors and built the ramp.  I'm so glad I don't have to get involved with those things, and that he can just handle it.  
My job was to teach the scared little puppy to use the door.  She got the Idea of coming in that afternoon, but still insisted on going to the door to be let out...which is only normal considering I had only taught her that way for 6 months.

Now that a few weeks have gone by, I can officially say.....She gets the puppy door and I am spoiled.  She goes in and out as she pleases.  It's Wonderful!!!