I'VE heard this saying but never thought it would become the family THEME...... The "PLAY" part definitely takes precedence. We love ALLEN!!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just a few cute pics from Christmas

Well the pictures on my phone didn't turn out to bad.  I left my camera in Gooding, so this will have to due till I get it back. (Peyton one of the cousins got sponge bob for the girls...I hate sponge bob so I let they lay there till morning, but they stayed at grandma's)
We had a really fun Christmas at Grandma Strickland's house.  The girls woke up at around 7:30, Addie was so excited when we told her Santa had come, she could hardly wait to go see...you can't tell from the picture but they were happy little girls.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Few more 8 month pics of Olivia

I got a new phone and decided to try out posting from my phone.

Livi, what a big girl you are.  8months has come and almost gone. You're getting cuter and cuter by the day!!  You have changed so much this month and you're all grown up looking!
You've been up to so much and I will give an update when I post your nine months

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Olivia @ 8 Months

I weighed this little munchkin on my scale, so I don't know how accurate it was but her are some stats:
16 1/2 pounds
25 inches

What Livi is up to:
  • She rocks back and forth on your lap.  
  • is grabbing everything right now.  Mommy is thinking about cutting her hair short again.
  •  after afternoon naps I put Livi in Addi's bed and they play.  Addi jumps up and down and Livi has this very cute belly laugh
  • I'm still giving her baby food, but she just wants everything I'm eating, so I'm giving her small bites of all kinds of things she loves. (green beans, peaches, mashed potatoes)
  • No teeth yet, but I think she's going to be a bear when they do. 
  • She doesn't give up that easy....and she is a very particular thing.
  • She's in that stage if she she's something she wants and doesn't get it, she throws herself back and cries. (let the fun begin)
  • She's not that clingy yet and that makes me so happy.  I can leave the room for a bit or someone else can take her and she doesn't cry most of the time.
  • She sits on my lap, I tell her to fall back into my arms, and she does.
  • She is becoming the little wiggle worm.  She moves her arms non-stop
This little lady is still a pretty good sleeper,  she goes to bed right before 7pm but still wants to nurse at around 5:30 and then goes back to sleep until 8.  I have started letting her cry a bit to try to break her of this, so we will see. Im really okay with feeding her, its just the fact I know she could sleep right through and be fine.
We have a happy smiley girl.  She is quite friendly, and only wants mom sometimes. 
She wants everything that Addie or I have.  She is really liking eggs, a sippy cup and noodles. 

She got to try out one of her Christmas presents early.  She liked it!!

She is starting to like a blanket.  I was trying to attach her to another blanket, just like I did Addie, but she had other plans...I guess strawberry shortcake it is.
She is trying to be active and mobile, but it just isn't happening yet.  She was rocking back and forth on this car, it was pretty cute.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

LIvi at 7 Months

Sitting in church today, I was pondering how big my baby is and how fast she's growing.  I miss that newborn stage but this stage is so fun.   Livi was trying to reach the chair next to us in relief society to eat the cloth.  She was being so loud making her baby sounds and rocking back and forth.  I didn't care because she was being so cute.  I love to see her personality shine.  This is the stage I just want to smother my babies with kisses and eat there neck because I can't get enough of them.  I feel like Livi is a little lady right now.  She is getting fiesty, opionated, and really, really wiggly!!

 She gave herself a nice scratch that took a week to heal.  I was so sad!

 She loves playing in the sink...it's her personal spa I guess!!
 Morning mom, it snowed.  Don't ask me why she loves chewing on her binky clip.
 She still love me to cuddle her!!!
 Look at this bright eyed girl.

 Thanks for the finger jello Chrisite!!!  Livi sure loved it

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween this year was a bit harder than I thought it was going to be.  Allen had to end up working late so I ventured out by myself and the girl.  We went to the bank where Allen's sister works and trick or treated there...which I hope to do that every year...so easy and warm. (this year didn't matter for the warm part...it was 65 degrees until the sun went down, crazy)  Then headed over to the neighborhood trunk and treat to say hi to everyone!!!  

 She got to where she new what to do if now one was by the bucket...help herself of course, but I had to watch her to make sure she only took one or Two!!!
 Addie was running to every bucket of candy. 
 Livi was tuckered out and fell asleep on the way home.
 This is a rare picture because Addison never likes to take pictures.  She actually looks like she's enjoying herself.  This is a treasure for me.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

 The pumpkin patch was a lot of fun this year.  Addison had so much fun picking our her pumpkins, yes she got two small ones and Livi got 3 small ones,  because I also needed them for my 4th Sunday Lesson for church.

Livi had a great time riding in the wagon by herself.  She is sitting but really unstable at times so we came prepared with the bumbo!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Olivia at 6 Months

My Baby is growing way to fast.  I think back to when Addison was this age and the same thing happened...you think I would be use to it by now!!!  Livi is a happy baby.  She is a lot more friendly than Addie was and is.  Today at the doctor's she was talking to him (Dr. West) and trying to roll her tongue.  While he was checking her heart and breathing, she was holding her squeaky duck, she dropped the duck and went right for the stethoscope.  As Dr. West was asking me all the questions about her development, she answered them for herself by doing them right on cue.  It made me a really proud mama!!!

Weight:     15.5 pounds (I thought she was going to be around 16.5...I don't have a scale at home)
Height:      26 inches
Head:        16.5 circumference

Well what has Livi been up to:
  • Everything goes to the mouth.  She has a good grip, but keeps her hand in a fist so it hard to maneuver anything.  I see her wheels turning and she's going to release that death grip soon 
  • We started using a sippy cut and she is loving it
  •  She is sitting up really good.  When I hold her she loves to rock back and forth so when she's sitting by herself sometimes she forgets their is no one to catch her.  Just a bit wobbly still
  • She loves her binky clip and just the other day I had to make all new ones because they were falling apart.
  • Livi's eyes are completely brown.  I thought they might be hazel, but I have a brown eyed girl in her for sure.
  • Livi is still nursing, but is giving me fits (sometimes she latches and eats, and other times she will just cry).  I think it's because I've been giving her more baby food and she likes it!!!  Hopefully it will get better or I'm cutting her off...
  • She smiles so big and laughs out loud.  When Addie wakes up from her nap, I will put Livi in the crib with her.  Addie  jumps and bounce her and Livi will just belly laugh.  I love it.
  • We love water especially the shower.  She almost falls alseep.  The few times she's taken a bath, its the same thing, but she can't sit by herself yet so showers still work best. 
  • Tummy time is horrible.  She hates it, but I figure that she needs it sometimes.
  • We are practicing eating food, but that death grip doesn't work.  She ends up just sucking her hand that she has to green bean or peach in.  She gets mad and squawks at me like it's my fault, I try not to laugh, but she's so funny sometimes.
  • She has just started to notice when I leave the room or someone else but her mom has her. 
  • Right now her schedule is :
        • goes to bed at 7:30 and wakes up at 5 to
        • wakes up around between 7:30 and 8 and lays in bed with allen and I talking and playing with toys that Addison brings her. 
        • naps around 10, wakes up and eats 2 jars of food 
        • nurses at around 1pm and naps at 1:30
        • eats 2 more jars of food around 4
        • eats dinner at 6:30 and nurses at 7
  • This little munckin......