I'VE heard this saying but never thought it would become the family THEME...... The "PLAY" part definitely takes precedence. We love ALLEN!!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Addie just a growin............

With Dad out of town, we went to church all by ourselves.  Addison was really good....slept almost the full 3hrs.  She was ready to be home though!!!

(sorry the quality of this picture is bad...it was taken with my phone camera)

Staying Busy

Allen has been gone all week, so we've been trying to have fun so we don't miss him as much.  We went down to Allen's moms house and canned for 3 days, peaches, pears, and Tomatoes.  We came back and had a friend and her baby come and visit us from Logan. 

Addie at grandma's trying to stay happy with less attention.


               Addison and Kylie, her oldest girl cousin on Allen's side.

  Katie and Addison are 6 weeks apart so that is why Addie is quite a bit smaller than Katie.  We had fun!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2 MoNtHs

Actually most of these pictures were taken this last week, so I should say 9 weeks.  Our little girl is getting so cute.  We went to the doctor yesterday and we're just over 9 Ibs, 23 1/2 inches. Addison is almost fitting into 0-3 months...I have really cute cloths for her, just looks like she's going swimming.  

She loves to smile and talk to her momma. 

The camera battery died so that's why it just cuts off.

These pictures were taken on the same day....had a blowout and had to change cloths.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

LaBoR dAy....

We had a busy Labor Day weekend.  

We went boating, blessed Addison and drove to Stanley, ID to enjoy a week vacation.   

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Addison and her many looks.....Her daddy says, "just like her momma"

Addison is getting bigger as the weeks go by.  This weekend, Memorial Day, we are blessing this precious spirit.  We are so excited to be with family.  

Addie loves to smile and she is trying to laugh, just not yet, but she also has serious faces, and when she gets mad, she really lets ya know...I wonder what she's thinking sometimes.   

Oh and mom is doing great.  Went for my six week check up and everything is almost back to normal.  Where I got the infection isn't all healed up yet, but in a few more weeks I should be good to go.....just a few more weeks Allen!!!!!