I'VE heard this saying but never thought it would become the family THEME...... The "PLAY" part definitely takes precedence. We love ALLEN!!!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It was time to update the blog and when I realized I couldn't change any pictures well you know...

Here's the new one:  allenandlindsay.blogspot.com

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Potty training ADDIE style

Well Sunday morning the 4th of Aug we woke up and Addison said she wanted to go potty like you. So I took off her diaper and let her go for it, we had success, then she wanted to put big girl panties on... hooray maybe she's ready!!!! And then Allen said are you sure you want to start on a Sunday? In my mind I wasn't seeing a problem with this, but he did make a valid point, sunday is crazy anyway and church makes it even more fun but I was determined. I told him though that we were doing this. Surprisingly enough she did fantastic, and she only had one accident all of sunday...it was in the afternoon after her nap.
Almost a week has gone by and I am quite happy with her progress. We still are putting a diaper on her at night but next week I think we'll be done with that too!! Its crazy the independence i see from her already. When i ask her if she needs to go potty her response is, " not wight now mommy in a wittle bit". Or "mommy its not coming out wight now".

Day 1: one and a half accidents and no poopies. We set the timmer ever 30 min...that wore mommy out but i think she's getting it
Day 2: one pee accidents and we went poopies. She started telling me today she needed to go and before bed i told her we needed to go potty and she preceded to tell me she already went all by herself and flushed
Day 3: no accidents but no poopies today. She is telling me when she needs to go and going herself a few times
Day 4: she went pee in her bed right as she was waking up from a nap but she went poopies so that was a plus again
Day 5: no assidents today and we went poopies again...yeehaw
Day 6: a little accident happened today do i hope she is doing good
Day 7:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The things we do on rainy days...

Well today, march 20th, the first day of spring, we stayed inside and watched the rain among other fun girly things!!! I think its safe to say that we are ready for the warm weather to come and stay.
For easter i got the girls matching suits. Of course we had to try them on...perfect fit.
I love that my girls have their own unique features and looks but that you can see that they're sisters. This picture explains their personalities perfectly!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Livi @ 11 Months

Well LIVI, what a cutie you are and charming with that little face of yours but don't be fooled everyone..this is why we call her the Livi MONSTER...but she sure brings us a lot of joy!

Weight: 16 pounds 5 ounces
height: just over 27 inches

(she's grown a little since 9 months)

Well, its official, Livi isn't nursing anymore.  I've made it a whole month with her biting me on and off and.... I'M DONE WITH THAT!!! I don't get a change to heal before she has a change to bite me again. (not to mention it is really sore and then when she eats it's like starting nursing all over again). We've had a good run but it's time to move on and your not that happy but this momma is. LOVE YOU LIVI MONSTER. (and the doctor said we needed to get some weight on you so here's to formula for a month)

Livi is just learning to give kisses. She doesn't keep her mouth wide open like Addie did... 
Livi isn't crawling yet. She can pull herself up on her crib after a few tries, and scoots backwards a little. She's been one of those instant rollers. I know she's thinking, "mommy you know if you put me on my back, I'm just going to roll over as fast as I can". What a turkey!!! 

I tried to pull her hair back in a little ponytail and well I think we'll wait for a bit more hair. It's kinda cute though but when she moves the little piece of hair that is holding the clip seem like it's going to break off even. 
We are so ready for spring as you can probably tell. We play in our room, trying on cloths that we should be able to wear in a month or two. We found one we can wear now! Addie is also teaching Livi well to make messes and she is loving every minute of it.

What else have we been up to:
I cut her off on her 5am feeding (with the no nursing thing), which she would go back to sleep until 8, but enough is enough. (one day she can tell sister how hard she had it and there will be now sympathy because Addie rarely got to wake up at 5 and eat!!)

Since around valentines day she has been trying to cut her 4 top teeth. The outer right popped through first and the other outside one is trying to pop through now. The fronts are so swollen, I hope they pop through soon. (it actually happened 1 1/2 months later :()

She can say Ba (ball). She makes to same sound as Addie for a drink, uh uh uh, and she is trying to fold her arms for prayers (she puts her hand interlocked together and hold them by her chest). At this rate she may just talk as good as Addie soon. She sure mimics her (I wish she was talking more).

 I really don't put shoes on my girls because I get to stressed out when they loose one and I have to try to find it. Boots aren't to bad, and she can almost get tennie's off by herself. It does keep her entertained in the car for a while.
 Well this little stinker can get on her knees and just sit there. She is a bit of a suborn child so my guesses as to when she will crawl is unforeseen. May be a week, a month or two!!!

Church is becoming a challenge. This little wiggle worm wears mommy out, so we trade off the first hour, then daddy takes her the second hour because he can't handle her the last one when she is really tired and grumpy!!! 
Mommy needs to work on these post in the present so she can remember more things. At least I got a post out. Now to work on 1 year!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Livi @ 10 months

Livi, your personality is really shinning through this month.  

You are a very happy and friendly baby. You are not shy like your sister was at this age.

You eat everything you can get your hands on. The only things I really havent given you yet are honey and peanuts. You love chicken and green beans.  Mommy's Veggie Pasta is becoming your favorite though. Sometimes I wonder if you will ever get full. Grandma Strickland calls you a bottomless pit. (you're a skinny minny with a cute little round tummy). 

What has Livi been up too:
One thing though, when 10 months hit you became really clingy. I thought we were going to bet past this little stage of development...Mommy still walks out of the room even though you don't like it. I'm hoping this stage passes soon and doesn't linger a year like it did for your sister.

 You love to sit on the counter and watch mommy do things. I know you still sit in your bumbo but it works really good for us.
 Livi is trying to stand up on things all the time. She see's her big sister doing fun things and she wants to do them to. You almost have it but still need a little help pulling yourself up on the tall things.
                                            Happy Valentines Day!!!!
You are sleeping pretty good, but for some reason can't sleep in the same room as mom and dad. You hear us and that's it no more sleeping, which I can't understand since you slept in our room the first 3 months of your life. Definitely a light sleeper like your daddy!  So from now on when we go somewhere Addie is sleeping in our room with us and not you.
Olivia, you want to crawl but you're not quite there yet. You go from a sitting position and fall forward on your tummy and rock back and forth for a minute then plop down. Scooting backward is starting to come now too.
Where has mommy's baby gone??? You are getting to be quite the toddler now...it makes mommy so excited to see you getting big.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Watching Basketball

Livi is loving watching Bball with daddy. The Lakers are loosing to the Heat so mommy is happy. Not that I like the Heat but anyone who beats the Lakers I like.  This girl is so wiggly that its hard to get a clear picture of her with all her expressions! This one is a keeper.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Logan Feb 2013

We went to Logan today to visit with a good friend. We went to olive garden for lunch and then let the girls play. Tried to get a picture but it never fails...trying to get a picture of cute little girls looking is impossible!!!!! 

Katie and Addison preferred standing on the booth seat.  Katie let out a handful of quick, loud, joyful screams just to let everyone know she was there.  She also spent some time snuggled up with her favorite blanket under the table.  Addison dropped her crayons a couple times on the other side of the booth wall and liked to make her mommy go over and pick them up for her.  Olivia was well behaved until I had to watch her for a couple minutes while Lindsay was helping Addison in the restroom.  As we were leaving the restaurant, Lindsay told Addison to get her purse.  Addison unzipped her silver purse, put on her sweet pink sunglasses, flung that purse over her arm, and strutted out the door.  She was the center of attention and loved it.   ( I've tried to get this on video but doesn't perform in the actual spotlight)

Monday, February 4, 2013

First walk of the year

Well 32 degrees doesnt scream summer or even spring but it was sunny with no wind today so we took advantage of it.  It was great to get some fresh air hear the birds chirping and see the sun shining.  it was a perfect day for a walk we thought!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Addison at 2 1/2 Years

Weight:  25 pounds
Height:  34 inches
Head:   18.5

Whenever I look into those big blue eyes I just can't help but think how lucky I am that your my little girl.  Heavenly father sure sent me a special gift and I sure don't want to let him down.  You are becoming quite the little lady...I think the pictures below can kind of explain just how much fun we have around here.  You're a pretty good helper and sister to Livi.  She sure loves to watch and do what your doing.  Your a good helper and most of the time a really good listener, Mommy sure loves you...

Addi saw me picking something out of Maggie's hair the other day so she decided to copy me. Just another indication I am always being watched (so tow the mark momma)!

I'm already to go to town mom!  Granted it's snowing outside and almost dark, but she's ready...
Getting the darn curlers in I tell you is a chore, but then life is good.  She sleeps in them really good!
She's thinking, "mom please not another picture with Livi...we have enough!"
All her babies and toys are so loved.

Sometimes she just wants to do what Livi is doing because it looks so fun.
What can I say,  Your mommy and daddy sure love you and are so happy that you are growing, learning new things and developing that FULL personality you have.

Olivia at 9 Months

Weigtht:  15 pounds 10 ounces
Height: 27 inches
Head: 17

Well Liv's 9 months is here.  You are such a pretty little lady.  You've been so happy up until the weekend before Christmas when your bottom two teeth wanted to come in and the day after Christmas they did.   Cutting these first 2 teeth was pretty rough but we got through it. We now have cute little nubs.

  • Livi started saying ma ma ma and da da a few weeks ago.   it's like she knows she's calling me and I'm listening. (she says ma 3 times and da twice, it's pretty cute).  She said ma ma ma first and that makes me so happy!
  • She has cut down to 2, 1 1/2 hour naps,  morning and afternoon.  She goes to bed between 6:30 and 7pm and wakes at 6 to nurse and goes back to bed till around 8.  I need to just cut her off, but I'm fine with it, so I'll just enjoy her a little longer because she is getting to big to fast.
  • This little one still hates her tummy, crawling might not happen for awhile, but she reaches over her knees and falls forward so I know she wants to crawl...so we put her on her tummy. When she's sitting on my lap she grabs my shirt and pulls herself up.  
  •  She gets mad at me when I don't give her what I'm eating...so I do because I think it's good to let them eat what you're eating.  I till carry around the baby food sqeezies to fill her up at inconvenient times or for church. 
  • She doesn't like to share but will get really mad at Addison when she wont share with her. She has this high pitched scream that she's learned and mommy doesn't know who is worse her or her sister!!
  • eats solids really well...doesn't want any babyfood anymore
  • rolls her tough just like I taught her.
  • plays peak-a-boo and can almost play patty cake by herself
  • is either happy or really mad...she has no in between 


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Recap of 2012

2012 was one of the best years yet....And we can't wait for an even better 2013 to get going.  Here's just a quick recap of our Year.

  • Spent New years with grandma in Gooding since we had just gotten back from New Mexico for Christmas.
  • Got a family picture, last one before Livi came
  • Allen went to Vegas for a conference....first time going to Vegas ever...and he came home 120 dollars richer!!!
  • Mom and Dad came for a visit in Big Bird
  • The weather was warmer than usual, hardly any snow but maybe it was because I was 8 months pregnant.
  • Chick-fi-a opened up in Idaho fall so we made a few trips.  We're just glad we don't have to drive to Ogden anymore to satisfy a craving!!!
  •  oh and don't forget that it was LEAP YEAR
  • 1 month of pregnancy left...hallelujah (but we still don't have a name for this little girl)
  • Had a visiting teaching brunch and it was warm enough to walk outside (it made me want summer to come so much)
  • Went into labor the 31st
  • Olivia Lee came into the world (we got our April fools baby even though this momma was trying for the night before)
  • My parents were here to watch Addie and visit the hospital.
  • Made a trip to Utah for my moms 50th birthday with a three week old.
  • Planted our garden 
  • This month I really was trying to get into a routine having 2 girls...
  • Taylor left on his mission to Chile (Cousin on my moms side)
  • Spent the weekend in Gooding for Memorial day
  • Blessed Alivia on the 1st Sunday in June
  • Livi started sleeping through the night (6pm to 5am)
  • Went on a girls trip to New Mexico for a week with Camille (my sister-in-law)
  • We love that the warm weather is here to stay.  We have been outside everyday multiple times a day
  • Spent 4th of July in IF.  We had a picnic in the park, went to the zoo, shopping and played on Uncle Steve's blow up water park.
  • Went to wolf creek with Sandra, Connie and DJ, and Brenda and Joe. Addie rode in the tube without me for just a few minutes.
  • Headed home for Grandma Ferrell's funeral on the 14th with was Addie's second birthday.
  • Had a shower for Misha (blakes wife)...had kabobs, fruit, raspberry sorbet in lemon slices and mango salad.
  • Kami and Brynn visited us overnight.
  • Headed home again for Grandpa Omer's funeral (unexpected) on the 4th. I gave the closing prayer in Spanish. 
  • Had a baby to Bee shower for my neighbor Amber. The yellow, black and white them turned out really nice.
  • Attended Blake's wedding in Salt Lake on the 18th. Took livi swimming for the first time at the hotel.  She loved the hot tub with Addie.
  • Allen and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. (long story short...I was craving red lobster so we went there...crazy I know but you have to satisfy a craving)
  • Addison attended her first birthday party for a friend, our neighbor across the street (journey). She had a good time in the bouncy house.
  • Canned over 100 quarts of peaches in a day and a half with Sandra. It was really alot of fun for the second year in a row!!
  • Started preschool within our ward. Addie is going with older kids because she has no one in her age group in our ward.
  • Got a new calling teaching the 4th (teaching for our times) Sunday lesson in Relief Society. The 23rd was my first lesson, what thinks Christ of me.
  • Allen went to New Orleans for the first time for a conference.
  • Made freezer meals during conference this year...will never do that again!!
  • Allen got a full mouth of braces on the 16th right before we took our yearly vacation. He didn't enjoy himself very much.
  • Took the girls trick o treating by myself this year (allen didn't find it important to join us). Good thing it was a record warm day. Next year I'm taking the stroller.
  • Taught my second lesson, Teaching our children to understand. 
  • I'm so glad that we have slowed down a bit and can finally breath form our very busy summer extended till now. 
  • The big highlight for me this month was watching the last twilight. It was bittersweet for me, but I loved every minute of it. I just wanted it to go on and on...I could've sat there for another hour...ha ha.
  • This year I turned 31...it was much better than 30!!!
  • Thanksgiving was casual again, just had afternoon dinner at Brenda's.Maybe next year we can do something...never going to happen if we keep having black friday
  • Had our second annual Strickland Family Christmas party. It went pretty good, so next year should be even better
  • This month has entailed many Christmas shopping trips, with Sandra to IF a few times.
  • On the 14th headed to salt lake to take mom and dads Christmas present to Chads. Had Family pictures, and got pictures of the 4 grand daughters.
  • Had Christmas in Gooding with Sandra and Steve's family. 
    • Drove to mountain home to see Sister Yates

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just a few cute pics from Christmas

Well the pictures on my phone didn't turn out to bad.  I left my camera in Gooding, so this will have to due till I get it back. (Peyton one of the cousins got sponge bob for the girls...I hate sponge bob so I let they lay there till morning, but they stayed at grandma's)
We had a really fun Christmas at Grandma Strickland's house.  The girls woke up at around 7:30, Addie was so excited when we told her Santa had come, she could hardly wait to go see...you can't tell from the picture but they were happy little girls.