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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Potty training ADDIE style

Well Sunday morning the 4th of Aug we woke up and Addison said she wanted to go potty like you. So I took off her diaper and let her go for it, we had success, then she wanted to put big girl panties on... hooray maybe she's ready!!!! And then Allen said are you sure you want to start on a Sunday? In my mind I wasn't seeing a problem with this, but he did make a valid point, sunday is crazy anyway and church makes it even more fun but I was determined. I told him though that we were doing this. Surprisingly enough she did fantastic, and she only had one accident all of sunday...it was in the afternoon after her nap.
Almost a week has gone by and I am quite happy with her progress. We still are putting a diaper on her at night but next week I think we'll be done with that too!! Its crazy the independence i see from her already. When i ask her if she needs to go potty her response is, " not wight now mommy in a wittle bit". Or "mommy its not coming out wight now".

Day 1: one and a half accidents and no poopies. We set the timmer ever 30 min...that wore mommy out but i think she's getting it
Day 2: one pee accidents and we went poopies. She started telling me today she needed to go and before bed i told her we needed to go potty and she preceded to tell me she already went all by herself and flushed
Day 3: no accidents but no poopies today. She is telling me when she needs to go and going herself a few times
Day 4: she went pee in her bed right as she was waking up from a nap but she went poopies so that was a plus again
Day 5: no assidents today and we went poopies again...yeehaw
Day 6: a little accident happened today do i hope she is doing good
Day 7:

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