I'VE heard this saying but never thought it would become the family THEME...... The "PLAY" part definitely takes precedence. We love ALLEN!!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

We Love To Play Dress-Up Already

Aunt Candi sent us this cute little princess puff.  We decided to get some pictures. Addie at 6 1/2 months.  We sure love to play around...just mommy and me!!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Couch and cracker time!!!!

Addison is trying to sit up.  We are almost there, just working on the balance thing.  We still use the corner of the couch but sitting a little bit further away now.  

I was eating crackers with my soup for lunch today and Addie really wanted to try it, so I gave her one.  I let her suck on it for a minute then took it away because I didn't want her to chock with the pieces that would break off....she's not quite ready.  She loved it and started to object when I took it from her, so I guess I will have to get her some of those snacks that dissolve.  

The Twilight Frinzy

I never got "caught up" in reading the Twilight saga.  I just figured I would watch the movies then I wouldn't know what I was missing. I've even been about a year behind on them to.  I just watched eclipse and was really wanting to see what happened next.  I decided that I could read the last book since I knew most of the characters, and they already had a face in my head.  Well how was I suppose to know that Breaking Dawn was 756pages. I went to the Library, checked it out and you know the rest...it was history...I finished it in a few days!!!!

All my friends (you know who you are), but to name one, CORTNIE(my kindred spirit), think I'm nuts for not reading the books, but now I can see why. It was a really fun, entertaining book to read.   I'm sure I missed a lot of detail from the other books so maybe I'll go back and read them.  I'm leaving that one open!! 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Craziness !!!!

I'm up early every morning, especially Sunday mornings with the occasional exception from Allen .  Why do I always run out of time!!!!  I hate being late....I like to be 10 minutes early...thanks dad!!! Our time changed from 9am to 11:30, that's right 11:30, so I get 30 minutes on top of the 2 hours. That is plenty of time but Rush, Rush, and RUSH.  I guess between getting dinner ready, re-glancing at lessons, getting the baby and myself ready, anyone can see I would run out of time!!!  Some of you might ask, where's Allen"??????? Probably sleeping or wrapping up his Sunday School lesson preparation. This is what happens when you have a growing family....more rushing ahead when more babies come, I'm sure.  Being a mom is wonderful most of the time!!!  Wouldn't trade it. 

I guess it makes for funny pictures!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Growing !!!!

Today I noticed that Addisons hair is growing in and getting darker.  She still has blond and red highlights, but it was really cool that I noticed.  Yesterday she was officially 6 months.  Where has the time gone????  We are sure enjoying her.  She likes to give me hugs, talk really loud with mommy, and is a really good eater.  She love her walker, aka, her race car....soon enough. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Xmas Pictures

 My sister in law and I had pictures taken of Addison and Sofi for my Mom's Christmas present.  They turned out okay but when Allen saw them he said what i was thinking, "these look like the out-takes".  Well with a baby and a two year old you take what you can get, but the girl taking the pictures could have worked with us a bit better...I'm just saying. 

REcap oF 2010

I never thought we would get to 2005 let a lone 2011.  I graduated from high school in 2000...holy crap that was almost 11 years ago.  Time really does fly when you look back, doesn't it.  I am really going to try to recap 2010...so here goes......

Went to my first pregnancy doctors appointment...confirmed I was pregnant
Doctor thought we might be having twins
--wondering if I will ever feel normal again???--

Had my first ultrasound, no twins, but it's a GIRL!!!!
Started blogging (or journal-ing)...to take my mind off my uncomfortableness and now I really enjoy it
Todd, my brother ended his first transfer in the mission field
I'm feeling sick, like it's my first month of being pregnant still

Definitely not a feel good month...morning and night sick and two ovarian cysts acting up
Had another ultrasound 
Spent a lot of time making baby blankets for me and my friends who were expecting

Finished the babies room
Installed a puppy ramp and door out the garage...best thing we ever did
Took a trip to utah to celebrate my brother Blake's byu graduation
Had another ultrasound, those darn cysts

The 2 busies months of the year and most done while being 8 months pregnant

Allen went to San Antonio and experienced the river walk and Alamo for the first time
I went to Utah to visit Kami and do a friends hair for her wedding in salt lake at 32 weeks pregnant...I'm crazy
Traveled to Gooding for Memorial Day

Planned Relief Society meetings for the rest of the year
Took another trip to Utah to attend a sealing for some friends
Baby showers...and a trip to the hospital because of contractions, false alarm
And yet another ultrasound...this is getting spendy

Traveled to Gooding for the 4th even though I shouldn't have considering by baby was born 10 days later
Addison was born on the 14th...mommy was out of it the rest of the month

We went to Bear lake...Addie is 3 1/2 weeks (Looking back I was a brave soul, but it did me good to get some fresh air)  The baby and I did great!

Blessed our beautiful baby...she is 2 months
Went to Sun Valley for vacation
Allen went to Atlanta for a trade show
Visited family in New Mexico...hadn't been home in 8 months
Had a baby pumpkin for Halloween...she was so cute

Had our first family Photo
Addison met Nanny and Papa for the first time (my moms parent)
Allen got called to the elders quorum

Addie had cereal for the first time
Had our first Christmas as parents, and we loved it

We had a great year full of changes and can't wait to see whats coming our way next!!!  

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Motto Family

I was going through stuff today and found a CD.  I normally just throw things away that I don't know what they are or if I think they're going to be clutter...I get that from my  momma (she's a great lady), which is a good trait, but as my dad says, " things you need get thrown away and when you go looking for them there gone".  Sorry dad, but Allen feels your pain.  

So before throwing it away I decided to check to see if there was something of value on it......THERE WAS!!!!!  Imagine that.  This is what I found. THE MOTTO FAMILY PHOTO!!!  (My mom's parents and there posterity minus one....ADDISON, but she was in my tummy.  

Was taken Thanksgiving 2009

Thursday, January 6, 2011

AdDisOn and hER 6 MonTh cHEckuP

I am pleased to report that Addie is out of the 10%tile and moving onward and upward.  She is a growing baby. We are in the 25-30%tile

           14 lbs
           25.75 inches
           16  head

Yesterday at the doctors office she discovered her tongue.  She was trying to get it with her fingers and make sounds with it...was the cutest thing and I wish I had my camera.   She is grabbing for everything.  When she wants something that I'm eating or holding and she doesn't get it, she lets out a yell/screech (The baby kind)....kinda cute but I'm starting to tell her we don't yell.  I believe that when they start knowing and reacting, it's time to start teaching. 

She is our cute little chipmunk!!!!!!!


I just gave myself a kick in the bum!!!

I have GOT to whip myself into SHAPE....

Since Addie was born, I haven't kept up on things like I usually do. Cleaning brings me a lot of satisfaction because,   I love the smell of bleach and a clean atmosphere...I still have that, I've just slacked MORE in the last 6 months.  It's caught up with me!! (I'm officially going crazy now)

I always felt productive,but now I have to work hard at it every day.  Xmas is still up...that has never happened, My floors haven't been mopped in two weeks...that never happened before the baby, and I've been wanting to make some curtain's for weeks...still haven't.  The list goes on and on....I know that if the laundry waits a day , it's okay but there is always room for improvement on priorities.  I love the talk from Dallin H. Oaks, "Good, Better, Best--there are a lot of good decisions but there are always better and best decisions we can make.  So My goals for the next six months are getting back into my great habits I had and building  new better or best habits!!!!!