I'VE heard this saying but never thought it would become the family THEME...... The "PLAY" part definitely takes precedence. We love ALLEN!!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blakes Wedding

I sure didn't do a very good job at getting pictures of this event.  The only reason we got a family picture is because I insisted on it and it almost didn't even happen then.

I have no pictures of the bride and groom, my family or anyone at the temple.  Somebody fire me now.  I know what it was.  I had a baby and a 2 year old.  That's my excuse for SLACKING!!

It was a pleasant day.  I fed Livi on the way to the temple, we got there andI handed the girls off to Kallie, Natalie, Mckenna, and Isabelle hoping everything would be fine, and Allen and I headed into the Temple.  Salt Lake has one of the largest waiting rooms, but with over 100 wedding that day I had a feeling it wasn't going to big enough. (we first heard it was 91 then 98 then 102 and I think the last # we heard that day from workers was 104) Crazy if you ask me!!!  The Sealer was a bit long winded and basically told the love story of Isaac and Rebekah.  You could see the happiness on Blake and Misha face.  I wish them the best.  Our girls were in good hands even though there were a million people everywhere, we decided to go outside in the shade to see if was any cooler. (it wasn't but I didn't feel so claustrophobic)  .  While we waited for for the newly married pair to come out of the temple, the children started to get ancy.  We stayed long enough to get a group shot and a family shot.  Things sure roll out different when you have children.  Looking back I would have tried to stay a bit longer.  They were already upset, and I don't like to be the first ones to leave something...I don't know why, but I never have. Oh Well...!!!

Here are a few of the pictures that I did get.

The next day we went to breakfast at the hotel, went swimming and enjoyed the afternoon at the zoo.  If you ask me it was genius the way the day played out.  They slept almost the whole way home.  Allen and I actually got to talk and enjoy a ride in the car considering all the car rides we've been on in the last 3 months. (too many)

Oh ya I forgot to mention, WE feel pretty proud of ourselves that we found Blake and Misha's car after they vauled it and thought it was safe.  Ha Ha  Todd was the crude one!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Love Life

 You can be excellent in every way. You can be first class. There is no need for you to be a scrub. Respect yourself. Do not feel sorry for yourself. Do not dwell on unkind things others may say about you. Polish and refine whatever talents the Lord has given you. Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, but with great and strong purpose in your heart. Love life and look for its opportunities. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Even though people don't care about the talents I have, I do, and I must work on them or they will be taken from me.  Thanks Sherry for the reminder.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Picture Comparison

Today I was looking at pictures of Addie and then going and looking at the pictures of Livi at the same age.  I thought I would post some of the comparisons.
Addie and Livi @ one day old
  One Month
Six Weeks...I really don't like this picture , but it was the only one I had that was the same.  Her head is turned weird.  Below is her at six weeks with me.

They were both two months when we blessed them
 Two Months
 Three Months
 4 Months (Sarah their cousin was lucky enough to have a picture with both at that time)
 Addie is on the left side in all these, but I switched this one up, she's on the right!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Being a Mom

Look at these faces.  Well they melt my heart, and I can't imagine life without them, but that doesn't mean that my patience isn't tried. We all have hard days, right??.  I get overwhelmed at how some days play out.   I strive to be the best mom I can everyday but it's so hard to never get frustrated,  tired or act just like your 2 year old (throwing a fit and all).  I want to be the best mom and a great example of love and compassion and never loose it. Let's face it, I can't do it alone but with Heavenly Fathers help I  sure can!!!  I need to remember to call on him more during the day for  help when I find myself like in these kind of situations.

I read this on a blog I follow and it was the  inspiration I needed after a hard day. (I am not the only one trying to figure this out) and that always makes me feel better.   Today was a rough one.  Addie cried at the drop of a hat today.  Livi had a rough day nursing.  Both babies were crying together a lot today.  Crying drains me emotionally and physically.  It's nice to be reminded where my focus need to be...Thank you Whitney for your post
      "Tonight was a rocky one! It was a very noisy/emotional night at the Vrska's. At one point I had Kingston at one end of the house screaming and Taelee at the other crying that she wanted to get out of ACT (attitude change time). It was one of those nights that had me wondering if I am doing anything right as a mother?! Taelee had a melt down over something so small, and it quickly escalated when I put her into timeout. I turned on "If the Savior Stood Beside Me", and then went back to her after a few minutes. Aha moment number one, I knelt down by Taelee and asked her to say a prayer to invite the spirit back into her heart. Kingston heard the word "pray" and quickly dropped what he was doing and knelt down beside me and folded his arms. How grateful I was for that sweet boy and the effect of peaceful music at that moment! Aha moment number two came when I was kissing Taelee good night. She said, "Mom, why do we cry?" I gave a simple answer, when we get upset or are sad. She interrupted me and said, "No Mom, why do we cry?" She wanted the scientific reason of why we cry. Tonight I remembered how analytical her little brain is. I am so grateful for my little sponge of knowledge, and because of that It is my responsibility to teach her all the good I know! I am grateful to be a mother. I am grateful for the push that it gives me to be a better person and to do a little better every day."

It really helps me when I know I'm not the only one that has hard days.

Is it always easy? NO! Is it worth it? YES!  There really is nothing better in the world than being a mom!!!!!