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Friday, January 4, 2013

Addison at 2 1/2 Years

Weight:  25 pounds
Height:  34 inches
Head:   18.5

Whenever I look into those big blue eyes I just can't help but think how lucky I am that your my little girl.  Heavenly father sure sent me a special gift and I sure don't want to let him down.  You are becoming quite the little lady...I think the pictures below can kind of explain just how much fun we have around here.  You're a pretty good helper and sister to Livi.  She sure loves to watch and do what your doing.  Your a good helper and most of the time a really good listener, Mommy sure loves you...

Addi saw me picking something out of Maggie's hair the other day so she decided to copy me. Just another indication I am always being watched (so tow the mark momma)!

I'm already to go to town mom!  Granted it's snowing outside and almost dark, but she's ready...
Getting the darn curlers in I tell you is a chore, but then life is good.  She sleeps in them really good!
She's thinking, "mom please not another picture with Livi...we have enough!"
All her babies and toys are so loved.

Sometimes she just wants to do what Livi is doing because it looks so fun.
What can I say,  Your mommy and daddy sure love you and are so happy that you are growing, learning new things and developing that FULL personality you have.

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