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Friday, February 15, 2013

Livi @ 10 months

Livi, your personality is really shinning through this month.  

You are a very happy and friendly baby. You are not shy like your sister was at this age.

You eat everything you can get your hands on. The only things I really havent given you yet are honey and peanuts. You love chicken and green beans.  Mommy's Veggie Pasta is becoming your favorite though. Sometimes I wonder if you will ever get full. Grandma Strickland calls you a bottomless pit. (you're a skinny minny with a cute little round tummy). 

What has Livi been up too:
One thing though, when 10 months hit you became really clingy. I thought we were going to bet past this little stage of development...Mommy still walks out of the room even though you don't like it. I'm hoping this stage passes soon and doesn't linger a year like it did for your sister.

 You love to sit on the counter and watch mommy do things. I know you still sit in your bumbo but it works really good for us.
 Livi is trying to stand up on things all the time. She see's her big sister doing fun things and she wants to do them to. You almost have it but still need a little help pulling yourself up on the tall things.
                                            Happy Valentines Day!!!!
You are sleeping pretty good, but for some reason can't sleep in the same room as mom and dad. You hear us and that's it no more sleeping, which I can't understand since you slept in our room the first 3 months of your life. Definitely a light sleeper like your daddy!  So from now on when we go somewhere Addie is sleeping in our room with us and not you.
Olivia, you want to crawl but you're not quite there yet. You go from a sitting position and fall forward on your tummy and rock back and forth for a minute then plop down. Scooting backward is starting to come now too.
Where has mommy's baby gone??? You are getting to be quite the toddler now...it makes mommy so excited to see you getting big.

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